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Celebrating the 4th of July in Style

Our Czechoslovakian and antique brass Victorian style earrings are getting ready for a party! How do you celebrate Independence Day?

Quilt Garden - Today's Parterre

We have several garden beds at our home which are unstructured and have a natural feel, but I am interested in designing a little 'more formal, but not stodgy' garden that will be next to a patio we are building.

Personalized Jewelry

I finally found a set of initials I feel are a good fit for Vintage Cravens and am now offering custom letters as an option to several jewelry items in my Etsy shop.

Happy Sunday!

New Leather Tote Bag!

Loving my new laptop and project bag from Rustic Moon Leather on Etsy! I like the large bucket bags with raw edges that are very popular at the moment, but the top stitching and little bit of fringe on Heather Pippin's bag suits my personal style. She has a terrific shop with many unique items and she also takes custom orders from the heart of Bitterroots, Montana. Heather is wonderful to work with and does a top quality job! 

FUF: Puffy Heart Peacock Necklace & Earrings

I am thrilled with this sweet necklace made with a vintage sterling silver puffy heart featuring an Art Nouveau peacock design, vintage Japanese glass beads and vintage Swarovski crystals. My favorite part? The little 'fob' I made by carefully applying patina to raw brass and manipulating it into the shape you see here.

WTW: Vintage Heart Charm

I love this little vintage sterling silver peacock heart charm and have decided to make something special for myself this week. The little yellow beads are also vintage Japanese painted glass.

Happy Wednesday!

Grandma's Jewelry Box: Vintage Puffy Heart

It doesn't look like much and would be easy to skip by, but this little charm is worth a second look.